TheElec 08/25/22
eMagin developing tandem microOLED, COO says  

Printed Electronics Now 06/22/22
eMagin Receives Coveted Display Week Award, Looks Ahead to Future  

Printed Electronics Now 06/17/22
eMagin Awarded $2.5 Million US Army Contract for OLED Microdisplay Prototype Project  

SID - The Society for Information Display   05/12/2022
Won People’s Choice Award at SID Display Week for Best New Technology – 10,000 cd/m2 dPD OLED display

Frontline Technology   03/23/2022
Developing the World's Brightest WUXGA OLED Microdisplay

Display Daily  11/11/2021
Color OLED Microdisplay Exceeds 10,000 Nits

SID - Society For Information Display 11/8/2021
eMagin Corporation Announces 10,000 cd/m2 Full-Color OLED Microdisplay WUXGA Prototype Made By Direct Patterning Display (dPd) Technology

DSCC - Display Supply Chain 11/1/2021
eMagin Reveals Breakthrough with 10K Nit Micro OLED

OLED-info 11/1/2021
eMagin unveils a 10,000 nits dPd WUXGA OLED microdisplay prototype

Display Daily  6/8/2021
AR Display Luminance Requirements: Micro OLEDs vs. Micro LEDs

DSCC – Display Supply Chain Consultants, 3/08/2021
eMagin Awarded New Patent for High Resolution OLED Direct Patterning Technology

Display Daily  7/24/2020
eMagin Announces a Direct Patterned OLED Microdisplay with 7,500 Nits

DVIDS – Defense Distribution Service, 6/19/2020
eMagin is the sole display provider for the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle Binocular – ENVG-B

The Council of Industry Hudson Valley Mfg, 5/07/2020
Company Profile – eMagin the Future.

Forbes Magazine - Council Post, 2/25/2020
Microdisplays For Next-Generation Computing

Naval Aviation News, 11/18/2019
eMagin’s OLED Display for F-35 Highlighted in The National Interest Magazine

Naval Aviation News, 9/20/2019
eMagin’s OLED Display for F-35’s Highlighted in Naval Aviation News

Business Wire, 5/23/2019
Dr. Amal Ghosh, CTO of eMagin Corporation, Awarded 2019 Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize from the Society of Information Display

Business Wire, 12/06/2018
eMagin Receives Defense Manufacturing Technology Achievement Award